Clarisonic Mia | Review


I’m terribly sick. My head is ringing cos my ears and sinuses are blocked -__-

Well that means more time for making posts!

Continuing on cleansers, I would like to review a lifesaving tool – the Clarisonic Mia.

The Clarisonic range consists of the standard Clarisonic, Mia, a small, travel-size version, and the Clarisonic Plus, which comes with a body brushing option.

For more information please go to the Clarisonic website.

I bought the Mia as I was budget-conscious and after looking at all the features, I concluded that the Mia is essentially the same thing, except smaller and with only one speed setting.

However, if you are diligent enough to brush your body as well and you have the budget, go for the Plus.

I bought mine at for about US$115 or so as it was on sale. Also bought 2 replacement brushes (for normal skin) as well. The standard one costs about US$195 and the Plus US$225. Clarisonic is available in Australia at DJ but I didn’t even bother to look at the price…


Clarisonic Mia – Score: 5/5

Pros: cleans really well, prevents break outs.

Cons: can be expensive, have to buy replacement brushes ($20-30) every 3-4 months, not readily available in Australia.

Buy again: Not until it breaks, which I hope is not in another 5 years or so =P

Overall: This was actually quite a quick purchase. I read about it in a beauty blog, researched for 1-2 days and bought it straightaway. I was sold by the rave reviews and the concept seemed good to me…

I use the Mia once a day for one minute (default setting) with a foaming cleanser at night, after using a cleansing oil. I start from the forehead and work my way around my face in a circular motion.

It has made a big difference in the cleanness of my open pores and it has generally prevented breakouts. Well I don’t really “break out” but my problem is more towards congested pores.

My face feels cleaner and much smoother with the Clarisonic. It really does prevent whiteheads and blackheads… although my nose seems to say otherwise!

For an investment of $115 and one minute a day, I can safely say I love the Clarisonic! I have converted one of my girlfriends to the Mia and she swears by it too.


ps. …who also thinks that the Mia looks like a Lamprey? Google image search if you want a brain scar…


2 responses to “Clarisonic Mia | Review

  1. totally wished I wasn’t morbidly curious and googled lamprey..

    I’ve gotta say I really want a clarisonic mia now, and I only wishlisted it yesterday!

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