Kuan Yuan Lian Natural Care Whitening Mask | Review

My first review from the haul! Since serums, creams and cleansers take a long time to work, I thought I’d review the most instantaneous product that I purchased – the sheet masks!

Kuan Yuan Lian Natural Care Whitening Mask – Score:4/5

kuan yuan lian

The packaging












Pros: moisturises, lots of essence, refreshes skin.

Cons: smells a bit strong, didn’t really see any brightening effect.

Price: AU$13.80 for 10 (it is currently for sale so I paid $11.70).

Buy again: No because I’d like to try other masks first.

Overall: I actually don’t like using sheet masks. They’re very messy and you have to fiddle around with the placement of the sheet over your face. However, there is no doubt that sheet masks are better in moisturising your skin and delivering the essence/serum.

Lots of essence!








This mask has a lot of essence that you can use for other skin areas.

Slapped it on!











The sheet itself is quite big and I think will easily fit all sorts of face shapes. It’s a bit flabby on my face and didn’t sit properly because my jaw is quite narrow. FYI I cut the nose part of the mask because I was using a pore pack.

Overall it was a good, moisturising mask. I didn’t see any visible brightening effect. Might have to use it religiously over a period of time…


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