O’slee Rosehip Whitening Mask | Review

O’slee Rosehip Whitening Mask – Score:4/5

o'slee rosehip whitening mask

From sasa.com

O’slee Rosehip Whitening Mask contains Rosehip Extracts and Papain to whiten your skin and eliminate imperfections sooner than ever. The mask also eliminates all freckles and blemishes at ultra speed. It provides rich moisture to skin and give crystalline, porcelain-like complexion than ever.

how to use it
Place the mask over your face after thorough cleansing. Remove after 15 minutes, gently pat remaining serum into skin. Apply 2 to 3 times a week for maximum result.

suitable for
all skin type

Got this as a freebie from buying the White Medi Perfecting Serum.

oslee rosehip whitening mask

The essence is light and easily absorbed.

oslee rosehip whitening mask

My only major gripe is the ill-fitting mask. It was way too big and wide – I had to fold the edges from my hairline/ears. Smelled like synthetic roses.

oslee rosehip whitening mask

I actually felt a tiny bit brightened by this mask. The most visible being my inflamed acne scars on my cheeks being slightly less red (pardon the horrible scars, as you can see my scarring is quite bad!!).  IMO in the after shot the skin looks more dewy and bright.

Before -> After

Pros: moisturises, lots of essence, refreshes skin, slight brightening effect.

Cons: strong fragrance, mask didn’t fit well and kept flapping.

Price: I got it as a freebie. It’s currently unavailable at SASA and it’s exclusive of Malaysia orders. Not sure where to get it online!

Buy again: Not sure.


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