b.liv Off With Those Heads Serum | Review

b.liv Off With Those Heads Serum – Score: 5/5

Pros: it’s a miracle in a bottle, non-sticky, refreshing feel.

Cons: expensive, not readily available, stinging sensation on sensitive skin.

Price: US$63.20 for 45ml (SASA).

Buy again: YES.

((This is gonna be long… and graphic))

Like the Clarisonic Mia, this was a totally random impulse buy. I was browsing through some beauty blogs when I read about this seemingly too-wonderful-to-be-true serum! After reading through some reviews on the net, I decided to take the plunge despite the semi-expensive price.

I have (had ;) )severe blackheads on my nose and some on my cheeks.  I also have an issue with enlarged pores and congestion… it’s a vicious cycle!.

After using b.liv for 3 weeks, AM & PM (only on the nose in the morning and the whole face at night), my blackheads have pretty much disappeared. They still needed manual extraction but using pore packs/squeezing became MUCH easier.

Unfortunately I don’t really have a clear “before” picture of my strawberry nose. This is the best that I’ve got. Aren’t you thankful I don’t have a HD photo?

Before > After

As you can see I had severe blackheads and spots on my nose. I’ve been battling them since I was about 11/12 years old so this is as bad as it gets.

Now my nose feels smooth to the touch and even though my pores are still huge, they’re EMPTY!! haha. Makeup works much better when I want to conceal my pores. Here are some disgusting close-up pics of how effectively this has worked in combination with physical scrubs and pore packs. Note: I think the more severe blackheads you have the better the results. If you have a speck or two then I don’t think it’s worth it to buy this product.

I can’t thank this serum enough and will buy it again and again and again and stock up for the next 20 years if they plan to discontinue it. The ONLY thing that has worked for me in getting rid of blackheads. No amount of chemical/physical exfoliants, pore packs or masks have been able to get rid of them.

FYI I have tried chemical exfoliants (Neostrata Ultra Smoothing Lotion, Dermalogica Gentle Exfoliant, etc), numerous scrubs (aspirin mask, St. Ives, etc), and regular pore packs (Biore and other Japanese brands). One thing I haven’t tried is Mario Badescu’s Silver Powder.

Might do another post on blackhead battling plan and a review of my absolute favorite pore pack: Kose Softymo Nose Clean Pack.



3 responses to “b.liv Off With Those Heads Serum | Review

  1. Wow, amazing result! : )

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  3. my nose looks like yours! it’s a strawberry nose!! and i’m also using this which really works (: keeps my nose clearer and smoother

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