Baviphat Mango Steam Scrub | Review

Baviphat Mango Steam Scrub – Score: 2/5

Got this as a sample given to me generously by my partner in crime hyaluronic kitteh.


Pores are gently warmed with relaxing mango steam and opens for deep cleansing. Natural scrub to remove old skin cells, blackheads and excessive sebum. Regular use for healthy pores and smooth skin.

[ Key Ingredients and Benefits ]
Mango Extract : elminates dirt for crystal-clear skin tone, increases skin elasticity, brightening effect

Pros: smells nice, not that expensive, moisturising.

Cons: pretty much useless, not enough scrubby bits.

Price: About US$20 for a 100gr jar.

Buy again: no.

baviphat mango steam scrub

Whoops blurry pic.

The texture and smell are really nice. Smells like mango puree, really natural and sweet. The texture is gel-like with a few seed-like bits. If this is supposed to be a scrub, then it’s a lousy one. There aren’t nearly enough bits to scrub anything!

Some people have said they experience a stinging or warming sensation but I didn’t. Maybe should’ve left it a bit longer to work?

Anyway I won’t be buying a full size. There are tons of other more effective scrub products out there.


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