Nature Republic Snail Therapy

All I can say is: I succumbed to the snail trend. Very quick and messy post just for the sake of updating!

I had the priviledge to visit the infamous cosmetic shops of Korea – including the tourist-hungry shopping strips on Myeong-Dong earlier this year.

One of the things that I was looking forward to see for myself was the snail products galore… and see them I did! They were everywhere! I was even confused on which one to buy.

My pick was Nature Republic’s Snail Therapy. I figured I’d buy the set as it was more economic. My friend took the cream away and I snatched the eye cream and ampoule.



Pros: Makes skin smooth, moisturising

Cons: Hard to get, can congest skin.

Price: Unfortunately I have forgotten… around $80 per box straight from the Nature Republic shop. I’m not sure about online.

Buy again: No, try another brand perhaps.

The texture IS like snail slime (not that I have ever put snail slime on my face) – slimy, sticky, slippery. This one smells a bit artificial. I initially put 3-4 drops on my face but reduced it to about 2-3 as it was too much. A little goes a long way. The feeling after it settles down is a bit peculiar – like a layer of film on top of your skin. However, I love the effect it has on my skin the next morning. My face feels smooth and moisturised (sometimes a little overly moisturised/oily). A word of warning for the oilier-skinned people though; don’t overdo it or your skin will get congested. I alternate this with my other night creams/serums as it’s quite heavy. I think it’s more suited to dry and mature skin.

Can’t say much about the eye cream. Unfortunately the texture is not as fascinating as the ampoule, it’s just a normal light creamy texture. Goes on smoothly and smells the same as the ampoule. Also can’t say much about the effect as I don’t have any wrinkles/lines around the eye area yet. Only using this for the extra moisture and as a preventative measure.


One response to “Nature Republic Snail Therapy

  1. Hi Kitteh!
    I was searching for snail skin product. My first search was actually Nature Republic Snail Therapy because that Nature word in its name. However it’s tricky. It’s just the name. I found that when i checked the ingredient list it contains many unneccessary harsh chemical which would clog pores, break down collagen, speed aging and even might cause cancer. It’s not natural at all. Hence i’ve ordered and used Skin Watchers green live snail cream; no paraben, no butyl glycol and the rest of harmfull ingredients. I am happy with the cream. However wanted to try a different brand. Have just ordered Tony Moly ones. Hope i’ll be please with those ones as well. Thank you for your review.

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