Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter 085 Sugar Plum & 010 Raspberry Pie | Review

Heh. bit of a late review on a product that’s been out for the better part of the year. I actually took these pics back in Oct’11 but life got in the way of blogging (excuses excuses).

Anyhoot! For starters.. they’ve really nailed it packaging-wise! Really smart to have the lids correspond to each color. makes fishing out the one you need a slightly simpler task (unless they look alike like in my case hahah -_-).

As you can see, Sugar Plum is more of a day-to-day lippie and Raspberry Pie comes out to play whenever I’m feeling particularly awesome =p.

– quite a selection of both sheer & more opaque shades, about 20 i think!
– its really moisturizing so no need for a lipbalm prior to application.
– unscented, which is just super.

– it’s not particularly long wearing (but it’s never claimed to be). reapply everytime you’ve had a meal. or once every 2hrs or so.
– the product is sooo soft, it dents easily. I’ve read in a forum that it can just break in the tube. kinda frail for a lippie methinks? Hopefully that was just a fluke.

Price: Rp,- or about US$8.

Buy again: I probably won’t.. since I’ve already picked the shades that i wanted. Waiting on their JustKissed balm stain actually!


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