Can’t think of a more boring title, eh?

Well, let me start by applauding those who still loyally read this blog, considering we haven’t posted in eons (*I* haven’t)!

Apologies for those who have asked me questions in the comments section, or those who posted comments at all, as I haven’t even reviewed them!

Won’t keep you with boring chatter. Nothing major happened, just got lazy and had a full time job. I’m now back to studying which means… more procrastination time!

Regarding skincare, I am not so focused on whitening anymore. I still have the odd whitening serum or two, but I use it in conjunction with non-specialized skincare.

At the moment, I am using a range of products depending on the state of the seborrheic dermatitis on my face (refer to MooGoo MSM cream review). I’m currently pretty smitten with OILS! Yes, oils… currently I’m using jojoba and tamanu oil alternately for my face and coconut oil/various body oils on my body. So hopefully a review of those will be coming up.

Stay tuned and perhaps… perhaps I will update soon!

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