Seborrheic Eczema and a general health/wellbeing post

A very belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!

Again, thank you for those who are still reading and following this half-defunct blog.

As promised, I will be posting reviews of some of the more natural alternatives to skincare that I’ve mentioned previously soon.

Following on from my previous post on the MooGoo MSM Soothing Cream & Eczema, today’s post will continue on the topic of eczema. It is a lengthy post, so if you are not interested or this doesn’t relate to your skin problems, you are very free to tune out… right now.

I have mentioned previously that I suffer from eczema. From childhood, I suffered from contact dermatitis on my hands when I handle raw meat and seafood. It wasn’t until I moved to Australia that I was correctly diagnosed with this skin disease. The eczema on my face (see the MooGoo post linked above) started in 2010 and has recurred regularly ever since. However, this year I have noticed that my face eczema, which usually only comes up when I’m stressed, has been coming up regularly without any logical reason or stress triggers. On top of that, I started to have DAILY rashes on my arms and torso. I thought this was due to the dry winter climate. The only relief was found in anti-histamine tablets which I had to take every single night. This started in June 2013 and I have not stopped taking the tablets ever since!!!

I initially thought it was food allergies, which was strange as I have never had any food intolerances in my 25 years of life. I tried cutting out groups of food to no special effect. The rash on my face – nose and cheeks, became much worse and was almost a daily hindrance. I did realise that the problem was inside – my health. Now, I’m not a health freak, but I think I’m not too shabby with my general health and fitness. I don’t eat much junk, I try to exercise, I rest well and generally don’t stress that much.

After reading around, I found out that the rash on my face is actually Seborrheic Dermatitis. After reading around more, I found out that although the real triggers to this condition are still vague, it is generally caused by an overabundance of fungus (yes, it sounds disgusting). I won’t take up space by explaining what other people can explain so much better, just google it. I also realised that my rashes may be caused by a weakened immune system and a leaky gut. Basically my guts are sick – which leads to an over-investment of bad bacteria, and not good bacteria which we want.

The steps that I have taken to get rid of the SD on my face, and hopefully the rashes all over my body is as follows:

1. Take supplements which encourage the growth of good bacteria and the strengthening of my immune system. I am currently taking: Evening Primrose oil, zinc, folic acid, Yakult (once daily), and a supplement tablet which contains similar good bacteria.

2. When my SD flares up, wipe it with organic Apple Cider Vinegar ‘with the mother’. ‘With the mother’ means that the vinegar has not been filtered and still contains the cloudy white concentrate that occurs naturally. Then, apply Zinc Oxide cream on the affected areas. I’m still using the MooGoo MSM cream as an overall moisturiser.

3. Healthier diet and lifestyle.

My SD has gone without a trace since I started the supplements and skincare routine as described above for the last month. I failed no. 3. Christmas and NYE. Enough said.

So now hopefully the arm and torso rashes will go away as I slowly build my army of good bacteria up again. Of course I know that I have a chance of being wrong. But on the other hand, if I am wrong, only good things will come from leading a healthier lifestyle and taking these preventative measures.

On a side note, I might have to change my name! I was sort of obsessed with whitening/clarifying a few years back, but since I discovered that I look 10x better with a healthy colour on my face, I haven’t really been using any whitening products. Due to skin/health problems I’m trying to go as minimal as possible when it comes to skincare and what goes in my body. On the top of my list are various oils that I’ve been using.

I will hopefully post again soon!


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