Tamanu Oil | Review

Pros: natural, works well.

Cons: oily feel, may clog pores, price.

Price: the price of Tamanu oil varies wildly, but it’s generally quite affordable especially if you live in the US and you are able to buy it online. Average price in Australia (online) is quite steep at around $25-30 per 50 mls.

Buy again: yes. Maybe for winter.

The consistency of this oil is thick and quite gooey and the colour is a dark greenish yellow. The smell, which some people find off-putting, is actually quite nice – a sort of herby/floral natural scent. 

I used this after cleansing my face in the evenings by administering a few drops onto my palms and pressing gently on my face and neck. Although I only tried a very small bottle of this oil, I didn’t experience any adverse effects. It does seem to moisturize and smoothen my facial skin quite well which I felt the morning after.

I’ve tried Jojoba and Rosehip Oil before (and various oils for my body) and I have to say that I like Tamanu oil the best. It also has rave reviews on Makeupalley and various blogs if you are interested in trying this oil out.


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