Current Skincare Regime – 2015

This skincare regime is working well for me. It’s nothing miraculous or revolutionary. I’m not at the stage where I have to worry too much about lines or spots, so I’m focusing on prevention and avoiding skin mess-ups (e.g. dermatitis and breakouts). Also trying to reduce the amount of chemicals on my skin. I know it’s shocking that I’m using a soap bar to wash my face! However it’s worked out well and it hasn’t dried my skin out.


I’m pretty lazy in the morning. If my skin is particularly dry or peeling, I’ll use an extra moisturiser under the sunscreen. My skin also gets oily pretty quickly so I don’t pile on the products in the morning.

Cleanser – water or Simple Pure Soap
Moisturiser – Skin Aqua UV Mild Milk (buy from Ebay or SASA)
Extra moisturiser if needed – Rosehip Oil


One thing that I also do religiously is using  my serum and night cream on the back of my hands, neck and decolletage, down to my chest and the front of my shoulders. If your serum is too dear, perhaps try buying a separate serum and night cream for your non-face areas.

Pre-cleanse – Oil cleanser (Japanese brand, sorry I peeled the label off!)
Cleanser – Simple Pure Soap or HadaLabo (finishing this one off) with Clarisonic Mia
Serum – Rosehip Oil
Night cream – Puretopia
Eye cream –  Antipodes
Lip balm – Nuxe Reve de Miel


Physical scrub – Sukin face scrub
Chemical scrub – Abra Alpha Enzyme Peel

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