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Mini haul

It really has been ages since I’ve done any kind of online skincare/makeup purchase. This is actually a good thing since it means I diligently go through all my existing products prior to purchasing new ones =)

so here are my Korean goodies:

What they are:

  • The Face Shop –  Oil Specialist Brightening Cleansing Oil
  • Innisfree – Wine Peeling Jelly Scrub
  • Etude House – Miss Tangerine Cream Choux Blusher #4 Miss Grape

Plus the seller threw in 3 Etude House samples: sunscreen, some cream to make face glowy and a moisturizer.

Haven’t used any of these yet since they really just arrived yet. I will at least try the jelly scrub very soon!



Happy Birthday Arbutin Kitteh ❤

Dear Arbutin Kitteh,

Here’s to another year filled with goodness, catnip and an abundance of happy cats to come your way. May all of our conversations be evermore filled with nonsense towards the enrichment of our deliriously expanding vocabulary.


Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter 085 Sugar Plum & 010 Raspberry Pie | Review

Heh. bit of a late review on a product that’s been out for the better part of the year. I actually took these pics back in Oct’11 but life got in the way of blogging (excuses excuses).

Anyhoot! For starters.. they’ve really nailed it packaging-wise! Really smart to have the lids correspond to each color. makes fishing out the one you need a slightly simpler task (unless they look alike like in my case hahah -_-).

As you can see, Sugar Plum is more of a day-to-day lippie and Raspberry Pie comes out to play whenever I’m feeling particularly awesome =p.

– quite a selection of both sheer & more opaque shades, about 20 i think!
– its really moisturizing so no need for a lipbalm prior to application.
– unscented, which is just super.

– it’s not particularly long wearing (but it’s never claimed to be). reapply everytime you’ve had a meal. or once every 2hrs or so.
– the product is sooo soft, it dents easily. I’ve read in a forum that it can just break in the tube. kinda frail for a lippie methinks? Hopefully that was just a fluke.

Price: Rp,- or about US$8.

Buy again: I probably won’t.. since I’ve already picked the shades that i wanted. Waiting on their JustKissed balm stain actually!

Mustika Ratu – Peeling Mundisari | Review

Allow me introduce all the non-Indonesian readers to Mustika Ratu, an Indo brand that proudly embodies the tradition of Javanese heritage and incorporates its centuries old knowledge into their body, health and beauty products.  I sound like their PR spokesperson.. Y’all should send us heaps of Taman Sari products =)

They have several product lines out on the market (Taman Sari is more geared towards spa-like treatments –that’s their upmarket line), and the Mustika Ratu Peeling Mundisari falls in the generic category. Now this is the pre-packed version, which I reckon doesn’t sell as well as their very popular powder variants (which I will discuss in a later entry. promise!)

Bought this since I had to travel, and the prospect of mixing a powdered mask with rosewater in a bowl was unsettling in a foreign setting hence me buying this tube. There’s another variant out, the Bengkoang Mask which allegedly aids in skin brightening.

Here’s the English blurb at the back of the packaging:

Made from natural plant’s ingredients and original rice flour. Help to exfoliate dead skin cells and accelerates skin rejuvenation process. Leaving your skin clear and fresh. For best result use before masking. Apply gently onto face. Avoid eyes and to be used twice a week.

Speaking of packaging.. I’ve noticed they’ve been revamping the sachets for the powdered masks. I wonder why this stays the same.

I find the product name very ambiguous actually. Normally I associate ‘peeling’ with a mask that you have to let sit for a while. But this product really is a scrub. So they should’ve used that word instead of ‘peeling’. This isn’t one of those evil abrasive scrubs (well at least not to my skin it’s not..), the scrub particles are really fine.. but sharp-ish, yet non-offending to skin.

scrub beads? what scrub beads??!

– affordable & easily available in supermarkets, drugstores.
– doesn’t dry out or makes skin feel tight.
–  it does what a scrub is supposed to do. what more is required, really?

– no ingredients list! I actually find this important and it’s because I trust this brand that I’m willing to overlook this matter, otherwise I wouldn’t even consider buying it.
– has a bit of a funky smell to it. i expected something more herbal, similar to the powder variant. But this is more clinical smelling. to others perhaps this is a plus.
– the scrubbing particles are tiiny. make sure to wash it ALL off prior to opening them, otherwise it’s guaranteed to travel into your eyes.

Price: around the Rp,- mark. about US$3.

Buy again: I probably will, it’s practical enough.

Skinfood Choco Eyebrow Powder Cake #1 Grey Khaki Black | Review

After years and years of using eyebrow pencils to fill in the sparse bits, I switched to eyebrow powders and haven’t looked back!

The first one I tried was from Everyday Minerals in Silver Gray. But that’s out of production and considering it’s in actual powder form, travel-friendly it definitely is not (despite the shade being a perfect match).

Moving onto Skinfood Choco Eyebrow Powder Cake #1.

  • Pros:
  • Cheap!
  • It lasts all day
  • 2 colors, grey (left) and dark brown (right)
  • It smells like CHOCOLATE!! the scent will disappear after a while tho, but thats a given with exposure to air.

Cons: Uhmm.. nothing? Alright fine let’s be nitpicky. The brush is crap, faaarr too wide for actual application. And I don’t use the brown color much.

Price: Rp 40.000 or  less than US$ 4 online. No clue how much this is store-bought.

Buy Again: Perhaps. I actually don’t have much use for the dark brown section (right pan). I’m still in search for a powder that’s just all grey. 

Oh here’s the back section of the packaging if you find it useful. This doesn’t come with a box btw, well this shouldn’t matter much in the grand scheme of things…

The overall texture is finely milled, it has good color pay-off. You get an absolute run for your money, as this will easily last you for more than 6 months. I’d wager close to a year if not more? It looks natural, just as eyebrows should on black/dark brown haired ladies as seen on the wonky picture below.

I’m actually quite keen to try Illamasqua’s brow powder, but seeing as the pricetag is 5 times the price I paid for Skinfood’s … Economical cat is economical.

We’re still here -___-

So we hope you’ve had a Merry Christmas, an insanely Happy New Year, received tons of angpao on Chinese New Year, and had a Happy Easter too. Did that make up for our half year lack of posting? OF COURSE IT DID *__*

Not to worry, arbutin kitteh definitely has a KOREA-related post in line already. It just felt appropriate to make some noise prior to its unleashment into the wild. yeah.

Maybelline FIT me 210 (Sandy Beige) | Review

Another make up review guys hahah yeah well arbutin kitteh will soon resurface again with some Asian skincare reviews, but in the mean time I’m hogging the blog with my entries *grin*.

Alright, this product isn’t even exclusively Asian to begin with. Heck, it’s not even available yet in our good ol’ Indonesian counters! By the magick of the interwebs I’ve managed to get myself a bottle so here goes. Mind you that this is the first liquid foundation I bought in, idk.. 6 years?! I’ve been all about mineral makeup in powder form these past few years, base/foundation wise.

The obligatory picture of said product,
the Maybelline FIT me – Liquid Foundation 210 (Sandy Beige):

At first glance -even before swatching- I could tell that it would probably be too dark for me, but bravely I went on to wear this for the whole day today (tdaydaydayyyzzzz). The packaging is very sleek for its category. It looks very upmarket almost hahah. Would’ve been better if it came in a pump? I reckon people wouldn’t mind paying a bit more to get better packaging.

Here’s what it looked like on my face, freshly applied this morning at 9.30AM
Not too bad, right? You can perhaps see it a bit clearer from the pic on the left that my face is slightly darker than my neck. Meh. Oh I’ve applied my TFS Oil Cut powder on top of this in the hope to lighten it up a bit.. and of course get rid of the *shine* that goes with applying liquid foundie on face.

How it applies: I used my Everyday Minerals Flattop Kabuki Brush to dab it on several points on face and swirled away blending it all in. It is very dewy, a quality I’m actually not very fond of since I get *dewy* on my own (external help not necessary thankyouverymuch), with sheer coverage. Very light weight!

I came home at around 7PM. Spent most of my time indoors, didn’t blot or touch up my makeup at all.

Le sigh. It oxidized, making me look half tanned -_-**. Luckily it’s on an acceptable level. Heh my fault also for not blotting or touching up at all during the day. Perhaps it would’ve yielded more satisfying results if I had. Oh I’ve got to say that the foundation felt very unobtrusive during the entire day! No caked up feeling whatsoever.

So all in all this is a very decent and obviously affordable drugstore product (around US$ 7), a western brand YELLOW BASED foundation!!!11! asgjdlfjsaojdf;siodjfa! Praised be Ceiling Kitteh! I reckon this would be suitable for an NC35/37 or perhaps even a 40.

Sadly I’m not going to repurchase =( I’m aware that they have a ‘light’ category in this line, but all those shades are a tad pink I’ve heard. It’s too bad, really. Because from looking at their promo pics, I assumed that 210 was going to be somewhat lighter? The way they’ve indicated their colors are slightly off -_-. I SO wish this came in a shade lighter!!
Hopefully you have better luck in finding a shade that FITS you!