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Mini haul

It really has been ages since I’ve done any kind of online skincare/makeup purchase. This is actually a good thing since it means I diligently go through all my existing products prior to purchasing new ones =)

so here are my Korean goodies:

What they are:

  • The Face Shop –  Oil Specialist Brightening Cleansing Oil
  • Innisfree – Wine Peeling Jelly Scrub
  • Etude House – Miss Tangerine Cream Choux Blusher #4 Miss Grape

Plus the seller threw in 3 Etude House samples: sunscreen, some cream to make face glowy and a moisturizer.

Haven’t used any of these yet since they really just arrived yet. I will at least try the jelly scrub very soon!



Mini haul + The Face Shop – Face It Oil Cut Powder Pact | Review

Rejoice for my mini-haul package from Rie Butik  has arrived in the mail!

It contains the following:

  • The Face Shop –  Essential Mask Sheet – Hyaluronic Acid
  • The Face Shop – Face It Oil Cut Powder Pact SPF25 PA++ NB23 refill
  • Etude House Cleansing Dream – Soft Cleansing Foam sample the seller kindly gave me eventhough I’ve only purchased 2 products!

The compact powder is a repurchase, so obviously I’m quite happy with it. This particular line isn’t availabe yet in Indonesia (but it’s available in Singapore counters, this at least i know..) so I’ve had to order this in.

The back of the box actually has a bit of English blurb underneath the Korean characters, so let me type it out for ya:

” Double-lasting Powder coated in two layers to facilitate perspiration and sebum resistance prevents sheen and dull complexion and maintains the freshness of initial make-up for a long period. *deep breath -damn long sentence* Particles in ultra fine texture adhere to the skin delicately to make it appear fair and smooth.

Oil-Cut Complex: A patented phyto-complex containing mung bean extract, birch extract and curly dock extract to prevent skin problems by controlling sebum production [Patent No. 10-0771438]. ”  

I’ve tried both Garnier Light Pressed Powder in Ivory and Maybelline Clear Smooth in Light Beige and while they were GREAT and each costing me only 1/4th of what I paid for the TFS compact powder, both still came up slightly too pink/pale! Oh Lord, the ordeal of finding decent yet affordable products that fits my skintone *_*.. So far the TFS compact powder suits me pretty well. The powder is finely milled, and it actually kinda does what it says, which is sebum control and all that jazz (at least for me, for an acceptable period of 3-5 hours depending if I’m indoors/outdoors). It has a very nice light flowery fragrance to it. As per usual, do not expect any miracles or even the slightest bit of coverage since it’s only a compact powder. It will keep your shine prone T-zone at bay.

I’ve spent Rp 110.000-, (US$ 12.40/AU$ 12.60) on the refill. The regular product costs Rp. 130.000,- . I’m pretty sure this’ll be much more expensive over the counter (when & if it becomes available). fyi: NB23 is yellow based, NB21 is lighter and more pink.

My SASA Haul

…arrived! I ordered on Monday and it arrived this afternoon. Pretty quick hey? I used the expedited shipping option (since I bought so much they automatically upgraded me… hehe).

sasa haul

Sasa Haul

The spread! (this also includes my friend’s purchases though).

What I bought:

O’slee WHITE MEDI Perfect Whitening Serum (40 ml)
PDC PURE NATURAL WHITE Whitening Essence Lotion (210 ml)
Sana SOYA MILK Arbutin Toner (200 ml)
IsQueen CRYSTAL WHITE SERIES Crystal White Night Repair Cream (50 ml)
IsQueen Whitening Essence Collagen Mask Twin Pack (3 piece)
OMI SALANOVEIL SPF50 +PA+++ White UV Cut Lotion (40 ml)
HadaLabo TAMAGOHADA Daily Face Wash (130 g)
Kuan Yuan Lian NATURAL CARE Whitening Mask (10 piece)
HadaLabo SHIROJYUN Arbutin Whitening Essence (30 g)
Kose SUNCUT Essence In UV Protect Milk SPF50 PA+++ Waterproof (30 ml)
b.liv by Cellnique COMEDONE REDUCING Off With Those Heads Blackheads Sebum Gel (45 ml)
Mentholatum ACNES Nose Pore Strip (10 piece)
Bonus : O’slee ROSEHIP Rosehip Whitening Mask (1 piece)

Yes it’s a lot, but most of these are actually low to mid-range brands… The most expensive one is probably $20! Some of these products are repeat purchases but most are new. This should last me until mid next year *fingers crossed*

Looking at the names it makes me seem like a whitening freak. Maybe I am? -__- Well to make it clear I don’t exactly idolise or want pale skin, but my reasoning is, since I’m in my early 20s and I don’t have any specific skin problem (e.g. acne, wrinkles, dehydration) I might as well take the chance to do “targeted” skincare – which is brightening in my case! Anyway I don’t believe that any of these products has the ability to “whiten” your skin… IMO brightening is optimising the luminosity and brightness of your skin – at least reverting sun damage and dullness.

The products that I will be using straightaway are:

O’slee WHITE MEDI Perfect Whitening Serum (40 ml)
Sana SOYA MILK Arbutin Toner (200 ml)
IsQueen CRYSTAL WHITE SERIES Crystal White Night Repair Cream (50 ml)
HadaLabo TAMAGOHADA Daily Face Wash (130 g)
b.liv by Cellnique COMEDONE REDUCING Off With Those Heads Blackheads Sebum Gel (45 ml)+

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