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Brand Review: Sukin and Trilogy

So, after promising to come back with new reviews, of course I disappeared! Typical.

I have been trying many new products these past few months, mainly due to Priceline’s dangerous 40% off sales.

In this post, I will give an overall review of two brands I have been using in the past two years: Sukin and Trilogy. I will then (hopefully) move on to reviewing individual products from these two ranges. I will mention winner and losers from both lines. If a product is not mentioned in either category then it was an average performer.

Both of these lines are widely available in pharmacies and Priceline. If you would like to try them, I suggest waiting for the Priceline 40% off sale or watching out for specials at Chemist Warehouse/MyChemist. The Priceline sale has just finished around three weeks ago, so I predict they won’t have one for several months. They used to have it yearly (correct me if I’m wrong) in June/July, but it seems like they’re doing it more regularly now.

Disclaimer: All products were bought with my own hard-earned cash because I’m an obscure and unknown “beauty blogger” and no company would ever send me PR material.



Products used
Sensitive cleansing gel
Foaming cleanser
Purely ageless replenishing night cream
Sensitive facial moisturiser
Facial moisturiser
Body oil
Revitalising facial scrub
Hand cream
Micellar cleansing water

Sensitive cleansing gel

Micellar cleansing water

Sukin is at a lower price point than Trilogy, and they have a wider range of products. I feel that many of their products smell and feel the same. There is a distinct Sukin smell that is present in almost all of their products.

For me, I feel like at this stage of my skincare journey, I’m better off investing in skincare with active ingredients which have the backing of scientific research (whatever that means). There are many natural brands like Sukin that simply mix essential oils and plant extracts into basic moisturisers, cleansers, toners, etc… and that’s just not cutting it anymore when there are so many new and exciting (and expensive) scientific breakthroughs in the skincare world.

If you are on a limited budget and you want to try natural products, try Sukin. The products didn’t really change or benefit my skin, but they didn’t harm my skin either. The line is environmentally friendly and they don’t test on animals. They are also Australian owned and made. I just hope that you’re not bothered by the everpresent signature scent!



sukin cleansing gel

Photo credit: Sukin website

I really liked this cleansing gel. It’s refreshing and cleanses excess oil and grime from my face without being stripping. It also works well with my Clarisonic. If you’re a makeup wearer, I suggest cleansing with wipes or oil cleansing before using this, as it wouldn’t clean makeup that well. Affordable and good for mornings when you don’t want to overcleanse. Probably suitable for dry-skinned people out there.

The only gripe I have is with the micellar water. It stings my non-sensitive skin! I don’t usually have reactive skin and I’m usually ok with alcohol, but somehow this micellar water stings my skin. It doesn’t turn red or anything but it is still unpleasant. Unfortunately I bought two bottles of this at once…



Products used
Anti aging night cream
Anti aging serum
RHO antioxidant
RHO normal
Rose mist
Rosapene night cream

Products to be trialled
Extra gentle cleansing cream

Rose mist


Trilogy’s products are of a high quality overall. The creams feel luxurious and are quite heavy, and are therefore more suitable for drier and mature skins. However, I didn’t have any breakouts or problems using the creams.

I feel the same way about Trilogy the way I feel about Sukin. It’s natural, environmentally friendly and doesn’t test on animals. However, there are so many new skincare brands and products that are more exciting out there. Trilogy is branching out to more scientific products, such as their new night cream. The version I used was the old one, so I haven’t tried the new version.

About Trilogy’s RHO – I know that it is IMMENSELY popular. Perhaps the most popular out there due to its wide availability and considerably affordable price point. This is demonstrated by the always-empty shelves whenever Priceline has the 40% sale. The sales assistant said that someone bought $1k worth of products which consisted mainly of Trilogy’s RHO.

However,just to be a skincare rebel (not really), I feel like Trilogy’s RHO doesn’t do much to my skin. I’ve gone through bottles of this stuff – both versions and my skin was still dehydrated and flaky the morning after. I have now gone back to using Kosmea’s RHO, which is more effective and is a future topic for another long, long blog post… promise!



trilogy toner

Photo credit: Trilogy Website

Smells like roses – not the coy, artificial rose stink but a natural, almost powdery scent. Hydrating and assists in the application of serums and oils before moisturiser. A sensory experience!

To be honest, I feel like both of these lines did not make a huge difference to my skin. As you can see, I have tried a considerable number of products from both lines. Trilogy’s products, perhaps due to the higher price point, feel more luxurious and heavy on my skin. Both brands are a good entry point into natural skincare.

Sukin – affordable, for normal or oily skin
Trilogy – more expensive, for mature, dry skin





Pond’s Cold Cream | Review

What!? A non-asian skincare review? Makeup reviews? What has this blog become? It’s not living up to its claims!

I just felt that I had to mention a controversial product which has probably been on your great-grandmother’s vanity table since the early 20th century:

Pond’s Cold Cream – Score: 4/5

I am a big fan of creamy, wipe-off cleansing milks, and my pricey Decléor Cleansing Milk was down to its last drops. I couldn’t justify spending a lot of money on a simple cleansing milk (which my skin actually is not suited to anyway) so I decided to try Pond’s Cold Cream.

ponds cold cream

Pros: cheap, readily available, moisturises, cleans makeup like no other!

Cons: too oily, can clog pores, contains questionable ingredients such as mineral oil and alcohol.

Price: I got the 9.5oz/269grams for about AU$7 at Chemist Warehouse.

Buy again: Maybe.

Overall: I don’t know how to describe its makeup cleansing power. It’s… awesome beyond words. I bought it as a daily cleanser, but didn’t end up using it because it was WAY too oily for the whole face.

I ended up using it a every time I would do eye makeup trials. I literally put this on top of the made-up areas, rub a little bit, put a sheet of tissue on top and 99% of the makeup including mascara and liquid eyeliner are lifted off instantly! Without any harsh rubbing or alcohol-based cleansers.

I usually rely on oil cleansers but they can be a bit messy because you have to rinse them off with warm water. With the cold cream, you can just wipe it off with a tissue or cotton bud.

Here’s a demonstration of the powerful cold cream! Please note that I purposefully laid on the makeup really thick so I had to rub quite hard. You wouldn’t put this much on your face… so you won’t have to rub this hard or at all when removing makeup.

From left to right: NYX eye shadow with Etude House Proof 10 eye primer > NYX pencil eyeliner > Majolica Majorca Perfect Automatic Eyeliner (liquid) > Dejavu Fiberwig Waterproof Mascara.

ponds cold cream test

Apologies for the poor quality of the video.

Biore 2in1 Cleansing Wash | Review

So I, hyaluronic kitteh, have been in a mild state of panic as of late. Cleansing oils have seemingly disappeared from the drugstore shelves! Sure, I can still get both Japanese and Korean cleansing oils online, or risk bankrupcy by purchasing Shu-friggen-Uemura. But nothing really beats being able to go into a physical store and spending less than 100rb on an essential item, you see. We used to be able to buy Kose Softymo Speedy Cleansing Oil at the drugstore or selected supermarkets.

A few months ago Biore launched a new product, the Biore 2in1 Cleansing Wash along with the accompanying Cleansing Oil-in-Cotton (which I’ll review separately in the future). I didn’t really pay attention to this cleansing wash before, but now that I’m kinda forced to find alternatives to cleansing oil I figured it can’t hurt to try out this product.

I took some pics of the back label as well, you can still read the ingredients list.

I’ll quickly translate the Indonesian bit for you:

How to Use:

  1. Pour cleansing liquid into your palms.
  2. Add a bit of water to create foam.
  3. Apply on face, lightly massage your entire facial area
  4. Wash off with water

Pretty straight-forward, eh? Now the actual liquid looks like so:

I’ve taken some pics as well to demonstrate my mad drawing skills (read: i don’t want to show you my face just yet heehee). The creation of this eye involves the exact same products I’ve used today for my makeup.

  • OMI Solanoveil White SPF 50+ PA+++
  • Lucy Minerals (mineral makeup) base
  • The Face Shop Face It Oil Cut Powder Pact in NB23
  • Skinfood Choco Eyebrow Powder Cake #1
  • Clio Waterproof Brush Liner Kill Black
  • Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer
  • NYX eyeshadow – dark gray

This really doesn’t wash off with water! I’ve gone and rubbed it lightly too. Doesn’t really budge, does it.

It all comes off with the Biore 2in1 Cleansing Wash! Granted, I don’t exactly use heavy make up so it’s not like I need an industrial strenght product. I’ve no idea how this fares on waterproof, fibre-rich mascara’s. You’d probably still need more thoroughly cleansing products to get rid of that.


– widely available in drugstores & supermarkets
– affordable
– no need to use cleansing foams afterwards, but that’s because….

– it leaves my skin feeling tight compared after washing it with cleansing oil. I reckon it’s the alcohol -__- skin feels rather stripped after using this.

About Rp which is more or less US$/AU$ 4

Buy again:
I don’t think so.. the stripped-skin feeling afterwards outweighs all the pro’s.

Cleansers: in restrospect | Review

So instead of cleaning my room I’m here again! Thought I would write as much as I can now before I lose interest.

Today I will be reviewing some cleansers. I have noticed that my skin is getting flaky, and the eczema on my nose has started flaring up again within the past few days.

And I know why. Because I’ve switched to my Shiseido cleanser again!

Whenever my nose flares up the alarm bells ring and I immediately switch back to good ol’ Cetaphil.

On to the reviews… To summarise, today I will be reviewing 6 foaming/rinse-off cleansers.

1. Shiseido The Skincare Extra Gentle Cleansing Foam
2. Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Cleansing Foam
3. Shiseido Pureness Foaming Cleansing Fluid
4. Cetaphil wash (standard)
5. Dermalogica Ultracalming Cleanser
6. Avene Cleanance Soap-free Gel Cleanser

1. Shiseido The Skincare Extra Gentle Cleansing Foam – Score: 3/5

Pros: Smells nice, foams up very well, only small amount needed, cleanses adequately.

Cons: Pricey, dries my skin out, flares up my eczema (although this has only been from last year. I was using it before that and I was fine!).

Price: AU$29.50 (Strawberrynet), AU$61 (RRP) – RRP in Australia is disgusting. Go buy this one online!

Buy again: No

Overall: Too bad this one suddenly dried me up and triggered my eczema. I actually quite liked it. Now I have half a tube left in the cupboard =(


2. Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Cleansing Foam and 3. Shiseido Pureness Foaming Cleansing Fluid – Score: 3/5 

Pros: smells nice, lathers, cleans quite well.

Cons: dries me up, didn’t do anything revolutionary for my skin.

Price: AU$49.50 & AU$30 (Snet), AU$73 & AU$?? (RRP).

Buy again: No and No

Overall: I bunched these two together because they essentially did the same thing to me. I liked The Skincare one better. I haven’t touched these two since my skin became temperamental. The Pureness one is especially drying on my combination skin. Only use if you’re definitely oily.


4. Cetaphil wash – Score: 5/5

Pros: moisturises, fragrance-free, minimal ingredients.

Cons: doesn’t cleanse adequately on its own, doesn’t lather.

Price: About AU$20 for 1 litre.

Buy again: Yes

Overall: My default go-to cleanser to use in conjunction with the Clarisonic. A dependable gentle cleanser for those who don’t have a specific skin problem or those who doesn’t use makeup/sunscreen. I really only use this to have some sort of an “emollient” for my Clarisonic and to cleanse the residue of the cleansing oil. It’s good to use in the morning as well.


5. Dermalogica Ultracalming Cleanser – Score: 4/5

Pros: glides very nicely (sounds weird), mild, doesn’t dry your skin, doesn’t irritate your skin.

Cons: expensive, doesn’t cleanse adequately when you wear makeup or sunscreen.

Price: AU$47 for 250ml (Snet), AU$53 (RRP).

Buy again: No

Overall: This is an expensive version of Cetaphil. However I have to say it glides on much more smoothly and it has a nicer consistency. When I wash with this in the morning I still retain my “just woken up” even-toned, calm skin. However it is too expensive when I get the same result using Cetaphil. I don’t know why I bought this actually.


6. Avene Cleanance Soap-free Gel Cleanser – Score: 3/5

Pros: smells awesome, cleanses well.

Cons: drying.

Price: AU$25 (RRP).

Buy again: No.

Overall: Other than the fact that it smells awesome, there is nothing special about this cleanser. It’s quite drying on the skin. Good for summer if your skin can stand it.

Fingers crossed a part 2 will be coming up sometime in the future!