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Mustika Ratu – Peeling Mundisari | Review

Allow me introduce all the non-Indonesian readers to Mustika Ratu, an Indo brand that proudly embodies the tradition of Javanese heritage and incorporates its centuries old knowledge into their body, health and beauty products.  I sound like their PR spokesperson.. Y’all should send us heaps of Taman Sari products =)

They have several product lines out on the market (Taman Sari is more geared towards spa-like treatments –that’s their upmarket line), and the Mustika Ratu Peeling Mundisari falls in the generic category. Now this is the pre-packed version, which I reckon doesn’t sell as well as their very popular powder variants (which I will discuss in a later entry. promise!)

Bought this since I had to travel, and the prospect of mixing a powdered mask with rosewater in a bowl was unsettling in a foreign setting hence me buying this tube. There’s another variant out, the Bengkoang Mask which allegedly aids in skin brightening.

Here’s the English blurb at the back of the packaging:

Made from natural plant’s ingredients and original rice flour. Help to exfoliate dead skin cells and accelerates skin rejuvenation process. Leaving your skin clear and fresh. For best result use before masking. Apply gently onto face. Avoid eyes and to be used twice a week.

Speaking of packaging.. I’ve noticed they’ve been revamping the sachets for the powdered masks. I wonder why this stays the same.

I find the product name very ambiguous actually. Normally I associate ‘peeling’ with a mask that you have to let sit for a while. But this product really is a scrub. So they should’ve used that word instead of ‘peeling’. This isn’t one of those evil abrasive scrubs (well at least not to my skin it’s not..), the scrub particles are really fine.. but sharp-ish, yet non-offending to skin.

scrub beads? what scrub beads??!

– affordable & easily available in supermarkets, drugstores.
– doesn’t dry out or makes skin feel tight.
–  it does what a scrub is supposed to do. what more is required, really?

– no ingredients list! I actually find this important and it’s because I trust this brand that I’m willing to overlook this matter, otherwise I wouldn’t even consider buying it.
– has a bit of a funky smell to it. i expected something more herbal, similar to the powder variant. But this is more clinical smelling. to others perhaps this is a plus.
– the scrubbing particles are tiiny. make sure to wash it ALL off prior to opening them, otherwise it’s guaranteed to travel into your eyes.

Price: around the Rp,- mark. about US$3.

Buy again: I probably will, it’s practical enough.