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Kose Suncut Essence In UV Protect Milk SPF 50+ PA+++ | Review

Kose Suncut Essence In UV Protect Milk SPF 50+ PA+++ – Score: 3/5

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Description from Sasa:

Kose SUNCUT® Essence In UV Protect Milk SPF50 PA+++ Waterproof is ideal as a daily sunscreen. It is also a potent protection against severe UV rays while undergoing outdoor or water activites.
It resists sweat, water and sebum to deliver ongoing UV protection. Its efficacy is approved by FDA.
Thanks to its watery texture, it does not leave any white residue but leaves refreshing sensation. 10 botanical extracts hydrate skin and prevent dryness caused by sun exposure.

Ingredients: cosdna website.

Pros: high spf factor, matt finish, runny consistency.

Cons: too runny, feels oily, feels heavy on skin, powdery.

Price: US$6.30 for 30 ml (sasa).

Buy again: no.

This sunscreen used to be my all-time favorite. Used to are the keywords here! This product has always been a bestseller and is often sold out, so you’re lucky if you get to purchase a bottle or two. I went berserk and bought 3 (and another 2 for hyaluronic kitteh) – which is why it’s always probably sold out as other people might be doing the same thing!

However, after not using it for so long, it sadly disappointed me. First of all the texture is too runny and it made a mess whenever I apply it. Then it leaves an oily cast on my skin for the rest of the day… It’s hard to explain, but basically it feels like you’re wearing one of those white old school banana boat sunscreens. It also feels really powdery in the wrong way.

Do give it a try as this product is a lot of people’s favorite sunscreens. Meanwhile I’ll finish my 3 bottles and would most likely not repurchase in the future.